How to list new inventory?

In this guide, you will learn how to create and list new products using Crosslist. The steps are as follows:

  1. Creating a listing
  2. Posting a listing

Looking to cross list existing inventory instead? Then please refer to this guide.

Creating a listing

Crosslist allows you to create listings on any device.

To create a listing, navigate to the Crosslist web application and click on the green Create button at the top left of your screen:

List New Inventory - Create Listing

You will now be redirected to a page that looks like this:

List New Inventory - Detail Page

First, select the marketplaces on which you want to list your product. This is important because based on the marketplaces you select, Crosslist will automatically generate the required product information fields for these marketplaces.

Secondly, you will need to complete the required product information. Fields marked as Optional are not mandatory and can be left blank. At any point in time, you can always save your listing using the Save button at the bottom right of your screen.

You can also use your mobile phone to create listings. This is useful as it allows you to take pictures of your inventory directly using your device’s integrated camera. That way, you don’t need to manually transfer your pictures from your phone to your computer.

Mobile Picture Directly

To create listings using your mobile phone, you will need to install the Crosslist mobile application. Please refer to this guide on how to install the mobile application.

That’s it! You have now created a listing within Crosslist. You are now ready to post the listing on the marketplaces you have selected.

Posting a listing

Crosslist automatically posts your listings in the background. This action is referred to as autoposting.

To autopost a listing, Crosslist requires that you have a laptop or desktop computer with Google Chrome and our extension installed. For safety reasons, it is not possible to post listings using mobile devices.

You can autopost your listings using two different methods:

  1. One by one
  2. In bulk

One by one

With this method, you can post a single listing to the marketplaces you have selected previously.

To post a single listing, navigate to the listing detail page by clicking on the specific listing in the overview. Afterward, click the Post button at the bottom right of your screen:

List New Inventory - Post Button

After clicking the button, Crosslist will autopost your listing to your selected marketplaces.

List New Inventory - Autoposting

Alternatively, you can also click directly on the Post button available in the listing overview:

List New Inventory - Post From Overview

After clicking the button, Crosslist will autopost your listing to your selected marketplaces.

In bulk

You can also autopost listings in bulk directly from the listing overview. To do so, select the listings that you want to autopost using the tick box next to each listing:

List New Inventory - Bulk Posting

Afterward, click the Bulk post listings button at the top right of your screen. This will prompt a pop-up where you can select the marketplaces on which you want to list your products:

List New Inventory - Select Marketplaces

Select the marketplaces on which you want to list your products, and then click the Post button to proceed.

After clicking the button, your browser will automatically open new tabs; one tab for each listing.

In these tabs, Crosslist will autopost your listings automatically in the background.

Form posting

While autoposting is our most robust and preferred posting solution, it is still possible to post using our legacy form-filling software, referred to as form posting.

With form posting, listings are posted in the foreground instead of the background through software that automatically completes the listing form.

If you are using form posting, Crosslist will open new tabs, one tab for each combination of marketplace and product. In these tabs, Crosslist’s form-filling software will automatically complete the listing form with the correct information.

After completing the listing form automatically, the user has to manually confirm the listing via the Post or Submit button present on each marketplace.

To form post your listing, click on the arrow next to the Post button and then click on Post with form.

List New Inventory - Form Posting

The advantage of form posting is that it lets you make modifications before submitting your listing. The disadvantages are that each listing needs to be confirmed separately, shipping is unsupported, and there are no inventory management features available, such as relisting and delisting in bulk.