How to pin the Crosslist extension to the Chrome toolbar?

By default, the Crosslist extension will not always automatically be pinned to the Chrome toolbar, which can be found in the top right side of Google Chrome. This may be annoying if you plan on importing a lot of listings our single import tool.

Please follow the steps below to pin Crosslist to your Chrome toolbar:

  1. First, open the extension menu by clicking the extension icon in the top right side of Chrome. It looks like this:
    Extension Button Chrome
  2. You should now see a menu that looks like this:Pin Extension
  3. Now click the pin icon in order to pin Crosslist to your toolbar.
  4. That’s it. Crosslist is now pinned to your toolbar. You can now click the Crosslist icon to import your listing. Please note that you must first navigate to a listing detail page before you can import your listing.