Posting a listing

After creating and validating your listing, it is time to post it to your selected marketplaces! Remember, you can only post listings that have a status set to valid in the main listing overview. Listings with a status set to draft have not been completed and need to be checked for mandatory fields. 

In addition to that, posting only works on your computer using Google Chrome with our extension installed. As of right now, it is not possible to list using mobile devices. Mobile devices can only be used to create listings.

You can post your listings in two different ways:

  1. Individually
  2. In bulk

In order to post a single listing, navigate to the listing detail page (by clicking on the listing in the listing overview) and afterwards click the Post button at the bottom. It looks like this:

Post Listings Button

After clicking the button, you will see that Chrome will open new tabs. The amount of opened tabs is equal to the amount of marketplaces you have selected as each tab represents a specific marketplace.

In order for Crosslist to complete the form, you must navigate to each tab separately. Crosslist will then complete the listing form automatically. It is advised to first navigate to all the tabs before reviewing the completed form on each marketplace.

After the form filling is complete, you can now carefully review each form for errors or additional fields that you wish to complete. Please note that Crosslist will cover most mandatory fields of all our supported marketplaces, with the exception of Ebay, which has a very high number of custom fields. 

Please note that we are constantly working at supporting additional fields. If you have a suggestion with regards to a field, you can always contact us here and we will be happy to have a look.

After reviewing each form, you must now complete the listing process by clicking the relevant List or Post button in the selected marketplaces. Make sure your account is ready to accept listings (payment method etc.) before doing so though!

In bulk

Crosslist also allows you to bulk post your listings. This is especially useful if you have imported a lot of listings in bulk, which you want to post to the same marketplaces. To cross list in bulk, simply select multiple listings from your listing overview. Then, click the Post button at the top right of the page. You will now see a pop-up, where you will be able to select the marketplaces on which you want to post the selected listings.

After selecting the marketplaces, click the Post button in the pop-up to post your listings. Crosslist will now open new tabs – a tab for each listings + marketplace – and Crosslist will complete the listing form automatically. After reviewing the form, you can finalize the posting process by clicking the relevant List or Post button in the selected marketplaces.

Do note that bulk posting is currently only available to customers with a Gold plan.

That’s it! You have now completed the basic Getting Started tutorial. We highly recommend that you check out our other Documentation where you will learn:

  • How to import already published listings into Crosslist so you can crosspost them to other marketplaces.
  • How to use Crosslist on mobile and take pictures directly using your integrated mobile camera.
  • How to add Crosslist to your mobile device start screen.