The post button does nothing or you get a warning

The following tutorial should only be consulted in case the Post button does nothing or in case you get a warning message. If tabs are opened after clicking the Post button, but the filling process is disturbed, please see the other tutorial here.

If the post button does nothing or you get a warning:

  1. Check whether the Crosslist extension is installed and enabled. You can do this by clicking the extension button in the top right side of Chrome:Extension Button Chrome
  2. Then, click the Manage extensions button. This will give you an overview of all installed extensions. Now check whether Crosslist is installed and enabled. It should look this:
    Extension Installed And Enabled
  3. Check whether you are logged in to the marketplaces you intend to post to. Crosslist cannot post to marketplaces where you are not logged in. After logging in, refresh Crosslist and try again.
  4. If the post button still does nothing, try refreshing Crosslist using the key combination Shift+F5. The extension may have lost contact with the Chrome API which is solved by refreshing.
  5. If you’re still having issues, please contact us so we can have a look.