Release Notes – January 5, 2021

Release Notes

Hello Crosslisters! We’re thrilled to let you know that we’ve made some awesome changes to Crosslist. Find out more below!

What’s new?

  • Save draft: Users can now partially complete listings and save them as a draft (only the title is required).
  • Default form settings: The field Location is now by default set to to the user’s zip code provided during sign-up. Additionally, the Availability field is now set by default to For Sale.
  • Quick tour: New users signing up to Crosslist will now have the option to follow a quick tour guiding them through the basic functionalities of Crosslist.


  • Deleting images on Android: We’ve fixed a bug where users using Android were unable to delete pictures using the delete button.
  • Scrolling on mobile: We’ve fixed a bug where scrolling on mobile would make the application interpret the gesture as an attempt to rearrange images. If users want to rearrange images on mobile, they must now press and hold the image to rearrange.
  • Page setting: We’ve fixed a bug that occurred when a user would go to page 2, select a product and upon returning to the main overview the page would be reset to page 1.

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