Release Notes – January 30, 2021

Release Notes

Hello Crosslisters! We’re thrilled to let you know that we’ve made some awesome changes to Crosslist. Find out more below!

What’s new?

  • Import listings: Users can now import listings one by one or in bulk from Poshmark, Mercari, Depop and Grailed.
  • eBay: Yay, we now support posting to eBay!
  • Filling process improvements: We’ve improved some elements of the form filling process. This should improve performance for users with a slower internet connection.
  • Facebook categories: The new Facebook category tree is now supported.


  • Image upload: We’ve fixed a bug where users with slower internet were able to save a listing without the image upload process being completed.
  • Core performance: We’ve fixed various bugs where products would dissapear if a user lost internet connectivity while using Crosslist. 
  • Mercari login warning: We’ve fixed a bug where the Mercari login warning was not shown for a user that was currently not logged in into Mercari.

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