Release Notes – March 24, 2022

Release Notes

Hi Crosslisters! This is going to be a short one, as we only implemented a few things since the last update mid-February.

Most notably, we’ve implemented the ability to bulk post listings from your inventory. That’s right, rather than manually having to post each listing after importing, you can now use our bulk post button to post listings to all your desired marketplaces at once! Neat, right? Find out more below.

What’s New?

  • Bulk posting from your inventory (*): We’ve added the ability to bulk post listings directly from your inventory. To do so, simply select more than one listing, and the “Post X product(s)” button will appear:
    Bulk Post Button Showcase
    Afterwards, a pop-up will appear that allows you to select the marketplaces you wish to post to.
    Note that by using this button, Crosslist will post your listings on the marketplaces you’ve selected, without performing any validation. For example, if you bulk import 10 listings from Facebook without a color, you’ll be able to post them on Grailed using this mechanism, but the color will be missing on Grailed. Crosslist will not notify you that the color is missing as it would do with an individual post. You’ll still need to add the color to each listing in the Grailed website before you’ll be able to submit the listing, as Grailed requires a color before posting.
  • Poshmark title length: Upon the request of one of our customers, we’ve increased the max length in our the listing detail page to 70 characters rather than 50 if Poshmark is selected as a marketplace.
  • Multiple refactors: Over the past month, we’ve been refactoring our form filler software to work even faster and more smoothly. In particular, we’ve improved all marketplaces except for eBay and Tradesy, which are on our to-do list for April.

(*) Note: The bulk posting feature is currently only available in the Silver and Gold plans.


  • Various bug fixes concerning form filling and importing: We’ve fixed a few form filling and import bugs over the past couple of months. The majority of these were caused due to changes in the marketplaces’ websites. We are working hard on setting up a system to detect these issues more quickly.

Questions or just say hello!

That’s it for now. If you have further questions, feedback, bug reports or want to know a bit more about us, why not swing by for a chat and say G’day! You can view our website or have a chat with us through Instagram. Finally, we’re also available on Twitter.

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