Release Notes – September 27, 2021

Release Notes

Hi Crosslisters! Direct cross listing has arrived! After a few weeks of development, we’re pleased to let you know that you now have the ability to cross list directly from one marketplace to another, without having to complete any manual action such as importing.

The new feature will co-exist with the import function, as we believe there is merit to both. While direct cross listing is better suited to quickly list an already completed listing to another marketplace, importing a listing into Crosslist can still be useful in case you want to make some modifications, such as editing a picture with our built-in image editor!

Along with direct cross listing, we also made some other changes. Find out more below.

What’s New?

  • Direct cross listing: You can now cross list your listings directly from one marketplace to another. To do so, simply navigate to a listing and click the extension button at the top right in your browser (read this if you cannot see the icon). A pop-up will appear (similar as if you’re using the single import function) that looks like this:

    Direct Cross Listing

    Now, you can select the marketplaces you want to cross list to. After you’re done, hit the Post button. Crosslist will automatically import this listing for you (*) and then subsequently start the posting process to the marketplaces you’ve selected. Neat, right?
  • Ability to change domain name for eBay: This is relevant for our customers from the United Kingdom that wish to cross list to Before this change, Crosslist would only post to; we’ve now implemented the ability to change your eBay domain name in your account settings. Happy listing!
  • Improved eBay image quality: Previously, when importing an eBay product into Crosslist, the quality of the image was not great. This was because the eBay API was sending us poor images by default. We’ve altered the API call slightly to get the high-quality version instead.

(*) Note: direct cross listing counts as an import and will consume 1 credit from the maximum amount of listings you can create/import in a month. The cost will always be 1 credit for the same product, regardless of how many marketplaces you select or how many times you cross list the product. It will only be imported once as well. This way, we are still guaranteeing unlimited posting. More information here.


  • eBay size bug: We’ve fixed a bug where sometimes size wasn’t being filled for eBay.
  • Poshmark size bug: We’ve fixed a bug where sometimes size wasn’t being filled for Poshmark.

Questions or just say hello!

That’s it for now. If you have further questions, feedback, bug reports or want to know a bit more about us, why not swing by for a chat and say G’day! You can view our website or have a chat with us through Instagram. Finally, we’re also available on Twitter.

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