Release Notes – September 4, 2021

Release Notes

Hi Crosslisters! We’re pleased to let you know that we added some new features to Crosslist! Most importantly, we’ve added both import support for Vinted! That’s right, you can now crosspost your Vinted listings to other marketplaces!

On top of that, we’ve also added single import support for eBay. This means that users on the Bronze plan can now also import their listings from eBay, without having to use the bulk import tool which is only available for the Silver and Gold plans.

Find out more below!

What’s New?

  • Import support for Vinted: Last month, we’ve introduced Vinted as a new marketplace to post to. We’re happy to let you know that, in addition to posting, we now also support importing listings from Vinted into Crosslist.
  • Single import support for eBay: Previously, listings could only be imported from eBay into Crosslist using our bulk import tool. As of now, you can also import your listings using our single import tool. Wonder what the difference is? Find out more here.
  • Kidizen price limit: Kidizen has recently updated their website to allow for prices over 1000 USD. Previously, Crosslist would cut off any price higher than 1000 USD when posting to Kidizen. We’ve now removed this to align ourselves with Kidizen.


  • eBay import date limit: We’ve fixed a bug where Crosslist would only show listings younger than today – 120 days in the bulk import overview. Now, the full history is available.
  • Improved category mappings for Vinted: We’ve reviewed our category mappings for Vinted and made improvements where necessary.
  • Increased the title length for Mercari: Mercari now allows for a title up to 80 characters. We’ve aligned the title field in Crosslist to allow for the same length if Mercari is selected as a marketplace to post to.

Questions or just say hello!

That’s it for now. If you have further questions, feedback, bug reports or want to know a bit more about us, why not swing by for a chat and say G’day! You can view our website or have a chat with us through Instagram. Finally, we’re also available on Twitter.

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