How to Bundle on Poshmark and Mercari

How To Bundle On Poshmark And Mercari

You love the feeling of getting a great deal and a convenient buy, right? So does every other shopper on the planet, including your Poshmark and Mercari customers. It’s cool to score a pair of like-new secondhand designer jeans, but it’s even cooler to snag a whole outfit! 

That’s why you should know how to bundle on Poshmark, Mercari, and every other app you use to offload your pre-loved stuff. Not only does bundling enable you to give slick discounts, but it’s a great way to market yourself in a competitive marketplace. 

What is a bundle?

Bundling is when you put together a package of multiple items for sale, usually at a discount. Essentially, you’re enticing the buyer by giving them the option to purchase a set of things that go together. An entire ready-to-go outfit is more interesting than a single pair of jeans, just like a six-pack of unique headbands and scrunchies is better than just one. 

Why should you bundle?

It’s simple: Buyers love bundles. No matter what marketplace you’re on, bundles are worth your time. 

You’re way more likely to sell that put-together outfit if you list it as a bundle instead of listing the pants, top, and accessories separately. There are two things buyers love most – great deals and convenience. Bundles give your buyers both! 

With bundles, you can make more sales faster than if you’re selling items individually only. It’s a quicker way to offload your inventory and make room for more. It’s also great for your cash flow since it boosts the average price per sale. That translates to more inventory budget for thrifting and reselling! 

Plus, bundles can help foster goodwill and connection between you and your buyers. Your buyers perceive that they’re getting something amazing when they get an exclusive bundle offer from you, or when you work together to put together the perfect package! This is a recipe for customer satisfaction, loyalty, and recurring sales. 

What kind of items make a good bundle?

The best bundles are cohesive lots of items that are: 

  • Similar enough to sell together, and
  • Easy to package and ship safely with other items. 
Mercari Bundle Examples
Source: Mercari

For instance, it’s a great idea to bundle up a lot of same-sized baby onesies, a big pile of Pokemon trading cards, a put-together and ready-to-wear outfit, or a coordinating kitchenware set. 

It’s probably not a great idea to bundle a set of crystal glassware, kids’ clothes in different sizes, or a bunch of fragile electronics. You want items that will ship safely without breakage and that make sense together (no one’s going to buy a pile of clothes that includes sizes for both babies and teenagers). 

How to bundle on Poshmark

Poshmark offers Posh Bundles, letting a buyer pick up multiple items from the same seller’s closet. The way Poshmark does this is a little different: Your buyer has to start a Posh Bundle before you can add items to it as a seller.

You can’t start your own Posh Bundle listing without the buyer taking action first, so you have to already know who you’re selling a Bundle to. 

All your buyer has to do to start the process is:

  1. Visit your closet in the application or on the web,
  2. Choose a listing, and
  3. Select Add to Bundle from the listing page.
How To Add To Bundle On Poshmark

Once your buyer has done this, you can start adding items to their bundle. 

Here’s how to do it from the app:

  1. Open your closet in the Poshmark app,
  2. Choose a listing,
  3. Select Share from the listing page, and
  4. Search for the user you want to Bundle with. 

Once you select the user, the item automatically goes to their Bundle and they receive a notification about it. 

The process is a little different if you’re accessing Poshmark from the web. Here’s how to add items to a buyer’s existing Posh Bundle from a PC:

  1. Click on your profile photo at the top right of the page,
  2. Select My Bundles,
  3. On the left menu, choose Sell, and
  4. Choose the buyer’s Bundle you want to add to and choose View Bundle.

From there, you can add to the Posh Bundle, dismiss the Bundle (the buyer can still purchase it but it won’t be in your Sell menu anymore), or initiate a private offer. 

How to set a Bundle Discount on Poshmark

If you want to give your buyers a great deal on Poshmark, you have to use the Bundle Discount feature – a Bundle won’t automatically discount itself and you can’t set individual prices for Bundles on Poshmark. 

The way it works is that you select the discount you want to offer for Bundles, and Poshmark automatically applies that discount to every Bundle you sell. 

Here’s how to set up a Bundle Discount:

  1. Click on your profile photo at the top of the page,
  2. Navigate to My Seller Tools,
  3. Click on My Seller Discount,
  4. Choose Bundle Discount.
How To Give A Bundle Discount On Poshmark

From here, you can select the percentage you want to discount each Bundle you sell. This discount will be applied automatically as buyers purchase Bundles from you.

If you’re using a PC, the process is similar:

  1. Click on your profile photo at the top right of the page,
  2. Click on Account Settings,
  3. Then click on My Seller Discounts,
  4. Turn on Bundle Discount and set your discount percentage.

How to style your buyer’s Posh Bundle

Buyers can start a Bundle and request that you style it for them by adding items that go together well. This is called a Style Me request. 

To style your buyer’s Posh Bundle, all you have to do is add items to their Bundle. You can do this by opening the listing you want to add and clicking Share, then choosing the user who wants you to style them. 

How to send a Posh Bundle offer to a buyer

You can actually send an exclusive Posh Bundle offer to your buyers! A Posh Bundle offer is when you offer a discount to a buyer who’s in the process of creating a Bundle. This is a great way to encourage a buyer who’s been watching your items or reward a loyal repeat buyer with a good deal. 

Note that you can only send an offer on a Posh Bundle that the buyer initiated. Sellers can’t start bundles on Poshmark, but you can see all the Bundles that your buyers have started under the Sell menu.

To send a Posh Bundle from the app:

  1. Click on your profile photo at the top right of the page,
  2. Select My Bundles,
  3. Choose Sell,
  4. Click View Bundle on the buyer’s bundle that you want to make an offer on, and
  5. Select Make an Offer.
Poshmark Send Bundle Offer On Mobile
Source: Poshmark

On the web, the process is similar:

  1. Navigate to your Account menu,
  2. Select My Bundles,
  3. Choose Sell,
  4. Click View Bundle on the buyer’s bundle that you want to make an offer on, and
  5. Select Make an Offer
Poshmark Send Bundle Offer On Computer
Source: Poshmark

How to bundle on Mercari

Bundling on Mercari is a bit different than it is on Poshmark. Here, you can create bundles on your own as a seller (on Poshmark, only the buyer can initiate a bundle, but on Mercari either party can).

Here’s how to create a bundle on Mercari from the app or from the web:

#1: Open the listing (or create a new one)

Open up the listing for the item you want to bundle and click on Edit item. Or if you’re making a bundle from scratch, simply start a new listing. 

#2: Update the listing

Click the Update button and add the items you want to include with your bundle. At this step, you can add photos of the new items (or the bundled items together) and include descriptions of all the items in the bundle. 

At this stage, make sure you weigh the items for shipping and include the dimensions of the package you’ll be shipping them in. This helps to ensure an accurate shipping price. 

#3: Update the price

Next, you can select the price of shipping (or choose to Offer the buyer free delivery) and update the cost of the bundle. Click Update to save your changes. Your bundle is ready to go!

#4: Deactivate duplicate listings

If you’re bundling items that you previously listed individually, now’s the time to deactivate or delete those listings so you aren’t double-selling items (yikes!) 

Tap on Select from your listings screen and select the listings you want to deactivate. If you bundled all of your listings together, select Select All. Then, click Edit and Deactivate or Delete to remove the listings. 

#5: Ship the items properly

On Mercari, all bundled items have to be shipped together – it only makes sense, since part of the deal is cheaper shipping. 

This part is pretty straightforward. Just package all the bundled items together in one box once they’ve sold and ship them off with one tracking number.

Double-check the weight and dimensions before printing the shipping label to make sure they don’t exceed the dimensions and weight on the label. (If they do, you’ll have to pay for a new shipping label).

How to make a bundle on Mercari for buyers 

Buyers can make a bundle on Mercari too, not just sellers! 

Mercari Bundle For Buyers
Source: Mercari

For buyers, making a bundle on Mercari is a simple and fast process. All you have to do is:

  1. Add all the items to your cart that you want to bundle, 
  2. Navigate to your cart,
  3. Tap on Bundle items and make offer,
  4. Input the price you want to pay for the bundle,
  5. Tap Review your offer, and 
  6. Click Send offer. 

From there, you can enter the amount you want to pay for the bundle, but your offer isn’t binding until the seller accepts it. The seller has up to 24 hours to accept, decline, or counter your offer. You can bundle up to 10 items per offer with a price of up to $2,000 USD. 

From there, as soon as the seller accepts the offer, you’ll be charged for the items and the sale will proceed. If one of the bundle items sells while you wait for the seller to get back to you, you can send a revised offer that accounts for the missing item. 

Note that you can only make a bundle offer on the Mercari app for Android or iPhone; the web app version of the website doesn’t let you do this. 

How to handle shipping and returns for bundles on Mercari

It’s important to calculate accurate weights and dimensions for the items you plan to bundle since bundles can be buyer-initiated and you want the amount they pay for shipping to be valid. Mercari calculates bundle shipping by combining the weight of all the items in the bundle and then choosing the cheapest shipping carrier that services that weight class. 

Free shipping vs. calculated shipping for Mercari bundles

Consider offering free shipping for lightweight bundles – your buyers will definitely see the value! For heavier bundles, it’s recommended to let the Mercari system calculate the amount of shipping your buyer will pay. 

Shipping for high-value bundles on Mercari

If you’re selling a high-value bundle, make sure that you’re following the Mercari Shipping Protection guidelines to a T. That’s because Mercari’s standard prepaid shipping labels come with up to $200 of Shipping Protection (and you can add more if the value exceeds that).

Shipping Protection is null and void if you don’t follow the guidelines, so make sure your package is within the allowable limits and that you follow all the rules! 

Bundle returns on Mercari

Finally, know how to handle returns before you run into an issue with a buyer. When you sell a bundle offer and the buyer wants to send it back for a refund, they must send back all of the items they purchased, not just the one they have an issue with. 

Because bundles are sold and shipped as a unit, they must be returned as a unit, too. Mercari recommends taking a photo of each bundle before you send it (or when you receive it as a buyer) so you know exactly what was included in the package for returns purposes. 

Tips and tricks for bundling on Poshmark and Mercari

Bundling on Poshmark and Mercari is a fantastic way to get more eyes on your items (and more items out the door!) Still, the online resale marketplace is competitive, so it’s important to use best practices when putting your bundles together. 

Here’s what you can do to set your bundles up for success on Poshmark and Mercari: 

  1. Put thought into your bundles: The best bundles are cohesive and make sense – don’t bundle those Louis Vuittons with your Kitchenaid mixer, pair them with a little black dress and a rhinestone handbag!  
  2. Offer an incentivizing discount: Bundles aren’t just about convenience – they’re a great way to save cash! Come up with a reasonable discount that encourages your buyers to hit the check-out button. 
  3. Spell out the value: Make it clear to your buyers how they benefit from buying one of your bundles. Don’t forget to mention shipping – it’s way more economical to ship items together! 
  4. Make your listings sparkle: Seriously, polish those listings until they shine! Take amazing photos of your bundle items, both together and apart. Optimize the listing with the right keywords and descriptive selling language. 
  5. Cross-promote your bundles: In your individual listings, make sure to mention that you have a bundle option and link to it. Let your buyers know this is an excellent way to save a few bucks and score something cool! 
  6. Promote seasonal bundles: Keep an eye on seasonal trends and put together bundles that reflect what people are buying right now. If it’s pumpkin spice latte season, think about breaking out the warm flannels, mom-cut jeans, and cute ankle boots! 

Above all, be flexible! Savvy buyers know that bundling is an option, so you’ll probably get messages here and there asking you to bundle up some items that a buyer is thinking about buying. Custom bundles are the ultimate way to personalize the shopping experience on Poshmark and Mercari.

Be open and friendly when you’re communicating with a potential buyer who’s interested in bundling. They might just become your next repeat customer! 

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