State of Crosslist – September 2021

State of Crosslist

Hello Crosslisters! We’re excited to provide you with an update on the features we’re planning to add over the next few months.

If you’re unfamiliar with the State of Crosslist series, the goal is to keep our customers in the loop about the features they can expect to be added in the (near) future. Find out more below!

Things we’re working on

  • Delist/relist feature: This is probably the most widely requested feature we’ve received over the past few months and we’re happy to let you know that we have begun the development process. Soon, you’ll be able to delist and relist your listings using Crosslist. Note that this feature will most likely be rolled out in phases with the most important marketplaces receiving the feature first.
  • Direct cross listing: Sometimes, users want to cross list a few listings rather than a full inventory. In that optic, it’s slightly faster to be able to cross list directly from one marketplace to another rather than having to import the listing into Crosslist first. As a result, we’re going to implement direct cross listing from one marketplace to another – where possible.
  • Single import from Facebook: Currently, Facebook Marketplace is the only marketplace for which we do not support importing listings. This is about to change, as we’re about to add single import support. Bulk import support is still under investigation, and may prove to be difficult.
  • Removing sold/deleted listings from the bulk import tool: Currently, for some marketplaces previously sold listings still show up in the results of the bulk import tool. We’re looking at either removing or flagging those with a label. This is already the case for Depop.
  • Post support for Vestiaire Collective: Yet another marketplace is coming soon! This time, it’s Vestiaire Collective, a second-hand marketplace for designer fashion.

Things we’re exploring

  • Bulk import with search support: As of right now, it’s not very easy to search for a particular listing using our bulk import tool. While the bulk import tool is more suited to import a large amount of listings and the single import tool is available to import specific listings; we’re still exploring whether it’s possible to make our bulk tool more user friendly.
  • Bulk import from Facebook: This is still very much under investigation, and as stated above, will likely prove to be difficult. That being said, we’re still investigating to see what’s possible.


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